Open Doors in China

When God opens up a door like this you just have to walk through it. God is amazing, isn't He? I never thought I would see China inviting Christians to influence their country in my lifetime, yet here we are, a congregation in the middle of America, invited to partner with CEOs and government officials to bring truth and life to China.

We will be able to walk through the front door, overtly be Christians, welcome people in Jesus name, put marriages together, love kids, teach English, develop leaders, study the Bible and grow people's faith. Wow! Did you ever think this kind of thing would happen to us?

As many of you know, this is such a huge opportunity that we must include other churches, organizations and people. God is honored when we work together. We have commissioned Ian Vickers and Roger Atwood to lead the charge (much like the early church commissioned Paul and Barnabas). They, along with Don Swanson and many other CCC regulars, will invest in the effort to reach China. They will operate under the name of Global Partners in Hope.

I want them to launch well. We have been giving to them generously all along the way, but here at the beginning of Global Partners in Hope, lets pull together to help them out. If you have not been at services the past two weeks, there is a special offering for this opportunity in China this Sunday. We have a $25,000 matching gift, so if you give a dollar this Sunday it becomes two, ten becomes twenty, etc.

There is no pressure to give here. I'm asking you to pray about it and do whatever God leads you to do. May He be honored here and abroad!