I thought it would be fun to look in Webster's dictionary to see how many words there are that start with "comm." Lots.

What struck me was that the root word for these words is the word common. Common is defined as; "belonging to or serving the community, shared by a numer in a group, widely or generally known, found or observed."

Now more than ever before I am seeing the importance of community. Being with others that have something in common. I have seen it neighborhoods, I've experienced it in athletics, and in life tragedies.

Recently, I know of two families that are living through the pain of children, one with a serious brain injury and another with a inoperable brain tumer. Both of these young men had these tragedies happen literaly overnight.

However, as I read their blogs and get their email updates there is regular references to the support they are getting from friends and family.

I don't wish tragedy or trauma on anyone, but I do know you need to be connected with others and have community established now, so when you do go through a difficulty, you will have common friends to give you support. I encourage you as Pastor Mark stated in a sermon recently God made you to be on a Team.

So please get into community. Reach out and ask, organize your own Journey Group, volunteer to do set up or do ministry with others. Remember, God created us to be in community.

On the journey,
Steve Walters
Campus Pastor