Scripture Memory Tips

Hey everybody,

Memorizing stuff - it brings back painful memories of cramming for calculus exams at 4 AM hyped up on Mountain Dew or long lists of French vocabulary with the guttural "r" sound.  Memorizing God's word is a whole different story.  It molds my thinking and, unlike calculus, I use it every day.  It brings life.

After yesterday's message on sticking to God's word, I thought I'd pass on a few memorization tips.  You can use them to create an unforgettable experience this summer by training in righteousness as you memorize God's word.

  1. An aggressive goal for memorization is seven verses a week.  You should be able to do this in about 20 minutes per day.

  2. An easy goal is one verse a week.  This can be done in five minutes a day.
  3. Put your verses in small cards to carry in your wallet, purse, daytimer or in your PDA.  That way, you can memorize them in the cracks of your day as you wait for appointments, planes, etc.
  4. Memorize something you like.  Some of my favorites are: Psalm 23, Psalm 100, the Beatitudes in Matthew 5, Romans 8, Romans 12, Hebrews 12, Matthew 5-7.  Consider trying a whole book like Philippians or 2 Timothy.
  5. Even 2 and 3-year-olds can memorize scripture.  My kids learned Psalm 23 as I repeated it every night before bed.  Soon they were saying it along with me.  The grandparents were very impressed.
  6. Older kids can be motivated with treats or cold hard cash.  Shameless? Yes, but it works.  I know one dad who told his kids he would give them $100 if they memorized the Declaration of Independence word perfect. One week later he watched a $100 bill move from his wallet to his 14-year-old daughter's.  He said it was "the best money I ever spent on her education."
  7. Tell somebody about your goal.  Have them quiz you weekly, or challenge your Journey Group, spouse or roommate to do it with you.  Weekly check-ins keep you motivated.
  8. Remember the formula:
    • 7 times/day for 7 days
    • 7 times/week for 7 weeks
    • 7 times/month for 7 months

 OK, that's enough tips.  Enjoy memorizing, and may God's Word make you wise, full of life and righteousness!