Volunteers make it happen!

This past Sunday we had our Second Annual Biker-Blues-BBQ. What a great time! Typically, we get all excited about record numbers attending the services and meals served. Yet I want to recognize that none of this would of happened without the volunteers at CCC-Sarpy.

Volunteers make my heart smile. Actually, in a multi site setting, we should actually call anybody who volunteers as volunteer staff. Any church will say that they could never do ministry if it wasn't for volunteers.

However, I think that we have the best volunteer staff here at CCC-Sarpy. In this blog I will call them staff, even though they are not paid staff. On a given weekend, we have "staff" who come either Saturday morning to set up either the worship venue and or the children's venue. We have staff who prepare for teaching children and youth each Sunday. We have staff who come in early Sunday morning to get the area ready for coffee and free treats. Then there is staff who stay after church to tear down and pack up all our equipment for storage.

Each weekend I am humbled by the generosity that our volunteer staff give of themselves and their time for CCC-Sarpy to minister to the community.

Sir Winston Churchill said, "We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give."

I am so thankful for the volunteer staff who "makes a life" by how they give.
On the Journey,
Steve Walters
Campus Pastor