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"Certainly expanded my knowledge and thoughts of the creation account, to say the least." - Mike

"Very intriguing! Much of this was new to me - especially Dr. Ross' thoughts on Job. I'll purchase a book! Thanks for the free magazine too! - Laura

"Thanks for bringing an approach to a subject I've never heard before! - Cyndi

"Good stuff. Will fuel further productive talks with friends." - Carol

"Thanks for allowing this view of creation and science to be heard. As a long-time believer who always was taught a literal 7 day view despite the fossil record, Its great to see the harmony of nature w/ God's word. (I can now watch the Discovery Channel guilt-free!) - Danna

"Thank you for bringing Dr. Ross for his presentation. I work with atheists and Darwinists and am glad to be able now to discuss things better." - Amy

"Thanks for bringing Dr. Ross in as a speaker especially in response to the promotion of Darwinism here in Omaha (Dawkins). We are young earth holders, but still found a lot of value in Dr. Ross's talks and his explanation of 'yom'." - Mike

"Hugh was very interesting and the controversy was very over-blown about what he is teaching." - Lori

"We really appreciated the speakers this weekend. It has made us more interested in studying the bible and how science is supportive of faith. Praise God!" - Brad

"Wow. This was an amazing message. This was a great step in my spiritual journey. THANK YOU!" - Ruby

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