Why are there events, workshops, and activities at the campuses of Christ Community Church?

I have to admit that growing up in the 70's I got the impression that what happened inside the church and at the Bible College I attended was to help me to be a better Christian. Yes, there were outreach events, but those were to be hosted by professionals and our responsibility as a good Christian was to invite people to attend and then sit back happy that we had done our job.

I am sad to say that this kind of thinking permeated how I "did" youth ministry over 14 years. You know, teach the saints and host events that students could bring their friends to.

Sadly, there wasn't much emphasis on developing relationships, how to have conversations with your friends and having the all important follow up.

I am glad to say that this weekend we have a chance to do something different. I want to encourage you to bring a friend to hear Hugh Ross this Sunday at CCC-Sarpy.

Recently I have been thinking of how to summarize why we would want to hear Hugh Ross. It is not for you to gain more knowledge, to have better ability to discuss creation vs. evolution, or to not be nervous when talking to an atheist.

It is....

  • to help others know that there is a God
  • to help others realize that God cares
  • to let others know that God created this world and universe

Be thinking of who you should invite to learn more about God or to realize that there is a God.

Steve Walters
Campus Pastor-Sarpy