#3 Get Some Publicity Up!

Hey Christians, you can't let being public freak you out! Check out this bulletin board at a coffee shop near my home. It's plastered with every sort of community event imaginable. Why not Cosmic Fingerprints? Grab some publicity for the event by stopping in at the Cosmic booth in the Atrium at CCC any time you're around this week. Snap up a poster and several invitations for starters.

Let's get this Cosmic thing out there and visible to our community! What happened to all that "No-Shame" talk from Pastor Mark a couple of weeks ago? Here's a perfect opportunity to squeeze into the marketplace of ideas all around town with a visual representation of your faith. Go for it!

Hey, Tim, I hear you can't just post anything you like... anywhere you like. Didn't CCC get in trouble for all those Defining Moment Plastic Ravens we put everywhere last fall? Not exactly... And this is way less edgy than a Corvid invasion. Here's how you do it.

Get a handful of pieces from CCC. Look around you everywhere you go this week, over the weekend and next week. If it looks like a public posting place that's packed with all manner of other postings of all kinds... just cram it in there among the options. 99% of the time that's all there is to it!

Some shops and bulletin boards do require that you approve the posting before putting it up. How can you tell? Often times there will be a approved stamp marked on the pieces that are already up on the location.

Other creative ideas include:
-a small stack of them nestled in with all the other promotional postcards that appear on some shelves and counters.
-think of places where people who might be interested in this kind of event might hang out. How about the public libraries? Might want to check to get it approved.
-coffee shops are natural collecting points for all manner thoughtful people.
-check with your boss to see if your workplace will let you post stuff.
-NO BRAINER HERE: your door at work! Nobody will mess with your door - you can put what you want on your door.
-Schools might have public posting locations for community events.
-at the university, you can jot the details up in the corner of the whiteboards in every classroom three days before the event.

Get creative. Get visible. Get bold! Its a cause at least as important as lost fluffy, tear off my cell number and call me about my used car, Sudoku tournaments, or that lecture at the university on psychological phantom limb amputation!

Oh, by the way. Let's dispell two myths. Myth one: people come to events primarily because they see publicity. Myth two: it doesn't matter whether or not you even post publicity in the first place. It is true that people are mostly inclined to go to something someone they know invites them to. It is also true that attractive print media helps create interest and validates a public event. Suppose you invite your friend this week. Then that same friend hears our spot on the radio on his way to Starbucks... then sees a postcard for it on the table he sits down at! Need I say more? So I won't...

If you find a really sweet, smart place around town to put a piece, grab a picture with your cell phone and e-mail it to me! You know it will make my blog...