Just Call Him Fuz

Hugh Ross is not a one man show. In fact he's recruited a whole network of scientists and scholars who write books, give lectures, and travel all over the place helping spread his Cosmic message. As an astrophysicist, though, Hugh is just ... well ... Huge. He's into stuff that's so big it blows your mind. But big stuff isn't the only thing that convincingly points to an intelligent creator. In fact small stuff does as well. That's where Fuz comes in.

Fazale Rana is a PhD. in Chemistry whose totally psyched about small things. DNA in particular. I'm reading his book "Who was Adam?" and finding it fascinating. The complexity of DNA as an informational code of life is to me one of the most compelling fingerprints of God. The incredibly complicated sequence of chemical data contained in every cell of every living organism might as well be an entire universe of evidence to be studied and pondered.

Come on over to the Cosmic Coffeehouse March 27th and check our Fuz yourself. While you're at it enjoy some coffee and some David Potter. Music will be at 6:15, presentation will start at 7:00pm. We'll get huge, get small, and get musical... all in the same night! Come on out to this free event and bring a friend.