#2 Get The Word Out To Your Group

Everyone is a part of a group. Multiple groups! Think of how many groups you belong to. Here's a peek at my group world: The House I Live In (8 total, 2 of which I've yet to invite). The Block I Live On (6 couples and 2 singles I know a little better than the rest, I'll start with them). Ministry Teams at Church (are all those groups making invitations...hmmm) My Seeker Group (we invited them at last night's discussion).

You get the point. What groups are you a part of? Asking a group sometimes is just as fun as inviting an individual - there can be less intimidation for any one person. Consider inviting your sports team, your study group, your team at work, your lunch buddies, your scrap-book friends, your extended family, your Journey Group, Recovery Group, your volunteer team. Make it a group thing and see what happens!

The Cosmic Fingerprints coffee-house event on Friday night, March 27th would be a great event for a group to attend together. Our seeker group decided last night this would be the best event for us to attend. We could sit together and continue the conversation in the weeks that follow.

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