Neo, or Archeo? Help us out Rich!

Richard Dawkins makes quite a statement in Ben Stein's documentary Expelled when he says "Evolution is a fact...a fact that's established as securely as any other fact we have in science. It is completely right to say that since the evidence for evolution is so absolutely, totally, overwhelming, nobody who looks at it could possibly doubt that it if they were sane... and not stupid. So the only remaining possibility is that they are ignorant and most people who don't believe in Evolution are indeed ignorant!"

It's amazing how someone with such incredible intellectual gifts can be so entirely dismissive of anyone who would dare question the scientific monopoly of Darwinism. Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, contends that the masses who believe in God suffer from a delusive lie. Belief in God, according to Dawkins, is like a virus he hopes his atheistic preaching can heal. If we'll just listen to Rich long enough, we'll get this God-thing out of our system and get on with the evolutionary good life!

If you get the chance to catch the movie Expelled, you can get a feel for how contentious belief in God in the academy can get. Stein interviews numerous highly credentialed scientists who question evolution's reign in science and education. One evidently doesn't have to be insane or stupid to believe something different about the purpose and origin of human life.

Speaking of purpose... Citizens of Omaha, tomorrow night we've got the opportunity tune into Dawkins himself as he comes to the Holland for a lecture entitled
"The Purpose of Purpose." Here's a taste of his naturalistic gospel from the official event website. See if you can follow this:

"I shall develop two meanings of "purpose." Archeo-purpose is the ancient illusion of purpose, a pseudo-purpose fashioned by natural selection over billions of years. Neo-purpose is true, deliberate, intentional purpose, which is a product of brains. My thesis is that neo-purpose, or the capacity to set up deliberate purposes or goals, is itself a Darwinian adaptation with an archeo-purpose."

Right! I actually hope to attend tomorrow night's gripping lecture. I'll give you my spin on it in Thursday's blog. I'll find out if my brain is neo-capable . . . or just filled with archeo. I kind of got a feeling about this one. IF you happen to attend, drop me a note!