Who have you told?

I know it wasn't too edgy, but we handed out during our one year celebration a magnet with the RISKS motif and style design with a question smack in the middle of the magnet. The magnet asked, "Who have you told?"

That phrase has stuck in my mind since Pastor Mark Ashton challenged Christ Community during Accelerate, our leadership development conference held in January. "Who have you told?" was a question Mark raised after it was discovered that only a small minority here at CCC talk to people our spiritual issues or just invite to church. We were encouraged to pray for 6+ opportunities in 2009 to invite acquaintances to church or to take a risk and have a spiritual discussion with someone.

Because of that challenge, I have had the privilege of inviting someone to CCC-Sarpy.

Let me tell you of another incident that reminds me that God is in control.

A La Vista gentleman has been coming to CCC-Sarpy for the past month. He came because on a Sunday morning in January KLUV's [a local, yet national Christian radio station] signal became weak and hard to hear. He switched to the other Christian radio station, KGBI. It just happened that during that time the Old Mill campus broadcasts the 10:45 Connections service. He listened, enjoyed the service and teaching, checked the church out on the website and then discovered that there was CCC-Sarpy meeting in Bellevue. A few weeks later he and his children were guests of ours and they have been coming ever since.

We need to believe in dual roles.
Our role? To initiate spiritual conversation and invite people to church.
God's role? To use us to reach others, to prepare their hearts to be willing to discuss spiritual topics, create an interest in accepting an invitation to church and ultimately to bring people to Himself.

Asking "Who have I told?",

Steve Walters
Campus Pastor