Happy Birthday Christ Community!

This weekend we celebrate Christ Community turning 1 year old! We intentionally aren't saying Christ Community Sarpy, because we are one church with one message in multiple venues.

So actually, the 1 year birthday for Christ Community Church meeting in Sarpy County at Lewis & Clark Middle School is a 1 year birthday for all of us. Whether you worship in Access, in Traditions or in Connection, "our birthday" is YOUR birthday.

This is a huge milestone in the history of Christ Community. Not just for this campus but also for the next campus we want to start in the fall of 2010.

Sunday at Sarpy we will celebrate all that has been done over the last year and look forward to where God is taking us. You won't want to miss it! The magic words for the day is "free cupcakes for everyone!"

Also, this is a great Sunday to invite somebody to see what Christ Community is all about. Invite a friend or neighbor to come along and join us for this big day.

Feeling younger while getting "older,"

Steve Walters
Campus Pastor

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