Bill Russell, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.

What do these towering figures have in common? We'll ...Lincoln was certainly tall enough to play for the Celtics but didn't. I'm not sure how tall Darwin actually stood, but he probably didn't bring much to the game of basketball either. In fact all three men share February 12 as their birthday. Lincoln and Darwin were actually born on the same day within minutes of each other.

Darwin-ism was born about 50 years later with the publication of On the Origin of Species. In honor of Darwin's birth and his book, science enthusiasts and proponents of evolution everywhere are celebrating the impact of his theory on the world. Almost any where you tune into newsmedia this week, you'll bump into stories about Darwin.

This morning as I dropped my son off at High School, an NPR reporter sent to Cambrige, England (to cover all the Darwin hype) was crooning while handling one of Darwin's own little red notebooks, containing sketches of his theory of common ancestry. Ooooo! Glowing accounts of Darwin are being pumped at us all week. Here's an interesting statement typical of what will make these stories:

"Darwin is not the controversial figure in the United Kingdom that he continues to be in the United States. ... the reason for this is science has proved Darwin right. Unless you want to disregard the weight of evidence, there's not really a controversy... Most difficulties come from people who have a fixed perspective on either the nature of time or either the created nature of the natural world. But in Britain, even those who see the hand of a creator in the natural world don't have a problem with Darwin. The reason is that science and religion answer different questions..."

Darwinism can be a dangerous combination of scientific method mixed with a whole lot of naturalistic world-view. Whereas in the U.K. (according to this report) Darwinism is slam-dunk winner unchallenged by anyone with a brain-stem, it is definitely NOT a no-brainer among all scientists either in the U.S. The U.K. either in fact! As the hype builds this week, I urge you listen with an ear for the difference between evolution as a theory and evolution as a stated fact. You'll hear much more that claims to be fact than the theory itself can actually deliver in terms of proof. Try to discern the world-view behind the scientific verbage. Science is a methodology. Atheistic Darwinism is a philosophy. I'll try to point out some examples as the week rolls along. Jump in with me, readers!

Coming up in March we'll be sponsoring an event called Cosmic Fingerprints here at Christ Community Church. Christian astrophysicist Hugh Ross and his ministry Reasons to Believe will be here for a three day series of events helping us think about issues of Faith and Science. As we ramp up for Hugh's presentations, I encourage you to tune into the issues. Listen in on some Darwin Day stories and send me your thoughts and questions. Take a minute to check out Reasons to Believe online at

Before this is all over I think I'll wish Bill Russell would have been born on a different date! 11 National Championships... now that's a fact!

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