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Today, I need to take a detour in the blogs I had planned out for February. It's always nice to lay out a schedule of what to write about, but I do think it is even nicer when you realize there needs to be a last minute change.

This past weekend, I was humbled. Humbled because I realized how great of a volunteer staff we have at Sarpy. Now mind you, we do have a great paid staff, no question about that. However, I want to take time to acknowledge those who have worked faithfully for the past 12 months of preparation, training, meetings or in the construction or transporting of our cases.
Then, since we started on February 17th, 2008, there is the regular set up, tear down and an ongoing volunteer presence each Sunday in a variety of ministry areas.

And you know what? There is joy and excitement of the volunteers that in turn excites those who attend Sarpy. This past Sunday I saw a husband and wife team leading the children in an action song with joy and energy. Then I saw a woman in the hallway who was on her way to a class. I thanked her for all her work and she teared up. As a guy, I thought I had said something wrong, but actually she was appreciative of the opportunity to serve.

Wow. I'm in awe. What a privilege to work and minister by their side knowing we are doing kingdom work that has eternal impact.

I get a lot of joy in being campus pastor. There are many ways that I get joy here at the Sarpy campus, but one of the primary sources is to see such a wonderful team serving God so faithfully with a joyful, servant attitude.

Steve Walters
CC-Sarpy Campus Pastor

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