The 100 most important Words you say about yourself.

Another invaluable thing you'll find among Hybel's wisdom in reaching people is the need for focus in communicating our faith. In chapter 6 of Bill's book, he challenges readers to put their story in a compact essay of 100 words or less! This forces several helpful things in talking with others.

First of all, conversations can move pretty quickly in the flow of daily living. We seldom have an extensive chunk of any one's time and attention when the possibility arise. The briefer the better! Enough about that...

A second great reason for putting it in a compact form is for the sake of focus. When we're relating our experience with God to someone who isn't familiar with us, or church, or the bible, there are lots of extraneous details we're better off leaving out. Hybels advises one brief paragraph on life before Christ, another one on how your commitment to Jesus took place and a few comments on what life with Christ since has been like.

Last of all, perhaps the best reason for brevity is this. Keeping it short leaves room for questions. Its so much better for conversation not to tell everything up front and so cover the bases that there's no place for curiosity or dialogue.

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of brave workshop attenders took my challenge to write out their story. I'll put them in the next couple of posts so you can see what we're talking about. Feel free to e-mail me your story ( or just post it as a comment on the blog. But remember. 100 words is the target!

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