Just Walk Across The Room

Recently Christ Community Church was visited by Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willowcreek Community Church. To kick off a leadership training event called Accelerate, we all got the chance to listen to a true master of sharing Jesus with others. Many were pleasantly surprised to find the great Bill Hybels at heart is a humble guy, in love with Jesus and passionate about telling the Jesus story to others.

Bill told story after story in a winsome, Jesus-focused way and those of us listening were inspired by the example the man's life sets. Evangelism according to Bill is nothing more than stepping into the moment and being willing to speak up, reach out, in simple, non-threatening ways. The title of his book "Just Walk Across the Room" pretty much sums up Bill's appeal. Over time, as God does his work in people's lives, and as God continues to intersect our lives with others, people move closer and closer to Jesus.

No kidding. It's really that simple. And what's been fun as I've hung around and heard conversations since Bill Hybels' visit is that people really are discovering that there's nothing to fear in taking initiative with others. Just this morning I heard a story about staff member who plucked up her courage to walk across the lawn to invite a neighbor to a bible study. That neighbor actually showed up at the group and fit right in. Even after YEARS of living next door, a simple innocuous invitation has led to a new level of spiritual engagement.

I dare you. Try it out. I'm hearing story after story. Just do it! Even people who aren't there yet with God, actually like this kind of evangelism, because Christians engaged this way seem....well.... a bit more human, a bit more relaxed and genuine. Give it a try. I've got more stories...wanna here a few more?