Drive-Thru not Drive-By...

Some have (rightfully) accused Christians of harsh, "drive-by" evangelistic tactics. Here's a cool example from Julie on how different and fun "Just Walk Across the Room" evangelism can be. Way to go, Julie!

Hi Tim
I just wanted to share with you my on going evangelism story with Diane. Diane is my drive-through lady friend. For years I have been going through the drive-through at a fast food place by my house and talking to Diane. I know about her kids- her daughter, her son even her various health problems. I know about her job and what they do there to help her keep warm in the drive through window-installing a heater ect. I know a lot by just my drive through minutes. I have prayed for her and let her know I am and she has given me prayer requests over these years. I have given her cards and handouts about Christmas and Easter musicals at our church.

I went on a diet and stopped going through for my Coke, but was convicted that I wasn't seeing her nor having any contacting with her. So now I go through for iced tea. I have been thinking lately that I hadn't had any spiritual conversations with her lately and thinking about how to do that—and then today.

I drove up and she said "I was hoping you would come through today." I need some special prayers for my mom today. Would you pray for her? Bingo! Thank you Lord for opening up once again that spiritual conversation. We talked about her mom and the needs there. So I plan to stop in once again tomorrow with a prayer shawl for her mom and a warm scarf for Diane that I have made for her in the cold drive through window.

It proves to me that you don't need a program, a book, a theory, to share the love of Jesus with everyone we come in contact with. You don't need a specific amount of time or money-this costs me $1 a day for my drink - but is recouping eternal rewards. I just am who I am-and let Jesus live through me and spill over.

Thanks for sharing my story on the blog!

Hopefully Julie will keep spilling Jesus in that drive-through. Last thing I spilled in a drive-through was an enormous diet Coke all over the interior of my car. Maybe I should switch to Ice-Tea and start having more intentional conversations like Julie!