6 + is all


That is what I am taking away from Pastor Mark's talk from Accelerate. Accelerate was a leadership development opportunity for those connected to either campus of Christ Community held last month.

Mark pointed out that we as a church are woefully below average on if we have 6 or more spiritual conversations or offer 6 or more invitations to others to attend a CCC church service. Just think...if each person had 6 or more spiritual conversations in a year...how that would impact you and the ones you talk with!

May God Bless you as you take this step of faith.

Steve Walters
Sarpy - Campus Pastor

p.s. It would be good to hear the message from Pastor Mark. I encourage you to go to our media page at and click on Accelerate-Day Two with Mark Ashton. (or click here for the mp3) It is a brief challenge by Mark encouraging us to feel free to have spiritual conversations with people and to not hesitate to invite them to a service.

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