The Buzz is over

I'm assuming that the three or four people who read this blog are from Christ Community Church. That being the case, hopefully you knew that Bill Hybels of Willow Creek fame was coming to Accelerate! [that word demands an exclaimation mark] Accelerate! is a Friday night and Saturday morning leadership development opportunity for our church campuses.

Bill came in on time, was a wonderful story teller and left having impressed me with his openness and honesty.

Some thoughts and observations.

Bill isn't as tall as I expected. For some reason I thought he was taller.

Secondly, I don't look for opportunities to be used by God. That is because I don't pray for God to open doors with individuals I come in contact with throughout the day. Bill challenged us to pray for open doors [i.e. spiritual conversations with people], test the door [don't push on the door] and respect the door [if it doesn't work to talk with them at the moment, that is OK].

The one phrase that rattles in my brain still is, "be a servant not a salesman." Meaning, I just need to be used by God in interacting with people and being sensitive to God's leading. I'm not into closing the deal but just loving people and meeting people where they are at.

Accelerate! was great and I pray that what was taught will become a lifestyle of each person of Sarpy. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts and observations from the weekend.

On the journey,
Steve Walters
CC-Sarpy Campus Pastor

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