Jesus and a McDonalds Drive Thru

Last week I spoke on evangelism, err..."Initiating interest." This is the second component of what a Disciple looks like. Here at Christ Community we say a disciple takes RISKS. Relies on God, Initiates interest, Serves others, is a Kingdom Investor and wants to be Shaped into Christ-likeness. You can check it out on the church website.

Anyway, below is an email I received from Julie, an active member and key volunteer [my administrative assistant!] at the Sarpy Campus. In light of what I preached on at the Sarpy Campus on Sunday, this is a great example of how evangelism is relationships and being yourself.

Diane is my McDonalds drive through lady. For years I have been going through the drive through at the McDonalds by my house and talking to Diane. I know about her kids- her daughter moved out of town with her boyfriend, her son is divorced and doesn't see his son very much and neither does Diane. She has various health problems. I know about her job and what they do there to help her keep warm in the drive through window-installing a heater etc. I know a lot by just my brief minutes of drive through. I have prayed for her and let her know I am and she has given me prayer requests over these years.

I have given her cards and handouts about Christmas and Easter musicals here at CCC. She knows that I pray with some ladies in Prayer Shawl ministry.

I went on a diet and stopped going through for my Coke, but was convicted that I wasn't seeing her and contacting with her, so now I go through for iced tea. Recently, I have been thinking that I hadn't had any spiritual conversations with her lately and thought about how to do that....and then today happened.

I drove up and she said "I was hoping you would come through today. I need some special prayers for my mom today. Would you pray for her?" Bingo, Thank you Lord for opening up once again that spiritual conversation, in a few minutes we talked about her mom and the needs there. So I plan to stop in once again tomorrow with a prayer shawl for her mom and a warm scarf for Diane that I have made for her in the cold drive through window.

It proves to me that you don't need a program, a book, a theory, to share the love of Jesus with everyone we come in contact with. You don't need a specific amount of time or money, this costs me $1 a day for my drink, but is recouping eternal rewards. I just am who I am-and let Jesus live through me and spill over.

I want to encourage you to start a conversation with one person this week, asking them how you can pray for them. Nothing more.

Email me at: and let me know what you experienced and how you saw God work.

On the Journey!
Steve Walters
Campus Pastor

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