Looking back...

    I know Jesus said to put your hand to the plow and not look back. [Luke 9.62] and I know that Lot's wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. [wish Omaha and Bellevue would use more salt] However, I do think it is important to reflect and remember [read the Psalms and the teaching of Moses in Dueteronomy] and understand why we do what we do.That said, I came across these statistics from my good friend Robert. Reading these three bullet points made me immediately realize, this is why we are "doing" Sarpy. Over the next few weeks I will share more statistics that not only confirm the need for this multi site in Sarpy but for the need of additional multi sites in the Omaha Metro area.

  • there has been a 92% increase in unchurched Americans in the last thirteen years
  • 14.6% decline in church attendance, in Nebraska since 1990,
  • the divorce rate in Nebraska has increased while nationwide it has decreased

On the Journey and Merry Christmas,

Steve Walters

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