The 109

Today was a milestone for Christ Community Church with our "Baptism on the Spot". Crazy thing...just tell the good news real plain and invite people to be baptized. 109 people came forward in obedience to Jesus.

109 people taking that first step of obedience in following Jesus. 109 people who are bold enough to declare publicly that they are a follower of Christ. 109 people who matter to God so much that he would die for them. 109 people who are now in God's family, forgiven of their past and given hope for their future.

Congratulations to the 109! But also, I must say congratulations to the CCC family. You have created a culture where it is OK to invite outsiders. You have boldly witnessed to your friends. You have invited people to see what faith in Christ looks like - in your life and in the broader community. You have demonstrated what life looks like based in truth and lived consistent with what Jesus has called you to. The results are that God is pleased to use us in his redemptive purposes. People are getting saved and baptized. Eternity is changed.

Thanks for your investment!