I'm Amazed

It wasn't more than three weeks ago that I was discouraged. Frustrated and discouraged is more accurate. Frustrated that our numbers were lower than I wanted. [Wow, that looks petty as I type out "than I wanted."] Any way, I was discouraged because the couples and families who visited weren't coming back for a second visit.

I mean, we had a fantastic visitor follow up system in place. Complete with a follow up phone call, email and a hand written note within the week, thanking for them being with us that Sunday.

I asked myself, What more could be done? What else should I do to get visitors to come back?

I was moping around and vented my frustration and discouragement to my wife. After whining for awhile, Terry then asked a very simple question, "Are we praying about it?"

Whoops. Right there I realized I was trying according to my own efforts. I was ignoring the power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit.

So...we started a prayer time during second service.

Since then we had a family visit us because of seeing the flags flying in front of the school and have a dad walk into church after seeing our signs while waiting for his son's football game to start there at Lewis and Clark. We have also seen several families come back for a second and third visit and also get plugged into a Journey Group!

All that said, I'm amazed. I'm amazed at my near sightedness and lack of dependence on God.
I'm also amazed at how God works and the power of prayer.

On the journey of growing and learning,
Steve Walters

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