Obama in the House

In the post-election millieu, there was great celebration in my home city of Chicago, where supporters in Grant Park shouted "Yes We Can". In other places there was deep sorrow because of a deep disagreement with the philosophy and politics of our newly elected president.

In the midst of a variety of responses some things are for sure. One is that we have our first bi-racial president-elect. This is a huge marker for the civil rights movement, the opportunities for minorities, and the progress of the United States. Who would have thought this possible even 40 years ago? Soon the most powerful politician in the world will be a son of immigrants, from two different races, raised by a grandmother through turmoil and eventually into the White House.

But far more importantly, it is certain that followers of Jesus should be praying for our new leader (and other political leaders.) The Bible commands us to pray for our kings/presidents/governors etc. regardless of whether we would vote for them.

An evil dictator? Pray for him!
A benevolent king? Pray for him!
A follower of Jesus? Pray for him!
An atheist? Pray for him!
A despotic, nefarious, wicked, furher? Pray for him!
A wonderful, wise, brilliant, kind, prime minister? Pray for him!

I want to encourage you to pray for Mr. Obama, and Mr. Johanns, and Mr. Terry, and Mr. Heineman and Mr. Nelson and our school board members, and all our state, local and national leaders. Pray for them now as they hire staff and put together cabinets. Being in leadership is no simple task and they need the wisdom of a God who oversees the affairs of nations.

I hope that one of the lessons that we learned from Defining Moments is that God is at work in the culture - whether Ahab or Jeshephat is the king. There will be a new president in January, but God is the same.

God is still at work in our culture.
God is still on the throne.
God is still healing people.
God is still turning evil into good.
God is still healing people.
God is still drawing men and women to himself.
God is still growing his kingdom.

Our trust never has been and never will be in government. Our trust is in God...because he can be trusted.