Halloween Hosts...

Last Friday we had a number of families from the Sarpy Campus commit to let them know they care. They demonstrated care with fire pits, mini or full sized candy bars, smiles, costumes and even some cider or hot chocolate for the adults.

I heard a number of stories of how the people from the neighborhoods appreciated the friendliness and creativity of these families. I talked with one family from Sarpy who purchased 200 candy bars and taped a card with information on the ministries and times of services at the Sarpy Campus. Afterwards, the neigbors came over and hung out in their driveway until late into the night.

I couldn't help but think about how this was happening all over Sarpy County and that God was pleased. Pleased that people were meeting neighbors in the neigborhood and blessing them with a smile, sugar and most importantly, hope. I know each host didn't take a soap box and start preaching, but they didn't have to. They preached in a far more effective way. With love and a way to show that they care.

May God continue to give our families caring and creative hearts to reach their neighbors!

On the journey,

Steve Walters
CCC-Sarpy Campus Pastor

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