Short Term it worth it?

Last week I shared with you the details of what our El Salvador mission team "did." More importantly, this week I want to share with you what impact this trip had on individuals from our team. I'm reminded that we are no human "doings" but "beings." It is not what we accomplish in a project but how does that project change us or those on the receiving end of the activity.

Chris Bair wrote this paragraph on how the trip and living with a El Salvadorian family impacted him.
"One observation and take -a-way for me is the love and acceptance I felt and experienced from Carlos and Lana and what I would consider to be the "Salvadorian" people. I had no interest in "Latino community" prior to this trip. Hey I nearly failed Spanish in college. I believe God indirectly confronted my prejudice for this people group. I think I noticed it right from the start of the trip with the Huber's. They could communicate and genuinely loved the people. I saw that and it was not until Monday night that I really started to feel comfortable with Carlos. I had so much fun finding out about him and his family and life experiences. By the end of the week I was calling their home my home and I could not wait to go home at night and talk with them. They really made this trip a blessing for me."

This is what Billy and Kris Huber wrote:
It was an awesome trip - truly blessed and directed by God. We felt His presence and leading throughout the trip. It was exhausting and challenging and wonderful. We hated to see the week come to an end and now feel a little like we're returning to a different world - a world that was so very familiar only a week ago now seems somehow strange and we feel a little out of place.

As I wrote in my journal this morning, "I feel like I want to gather everyone I know and care about together and go down to El Salvador and minister to people." It was a powerful, exciting and inspiring week and we return with much to think about and much to share. We're looking forward to processing and sharing with you.

Thanks for your support and encouragement for this trip. I anticipate that this will not only change the lives of those who went but will also have impact on Christ Community and specifically at the Sarpy Campus.

Lance Grush who was our missionary host while in El Salvador will be at the Sarpy Campus on November 16th for both services.

On the Journey,
Steve Walters
Campus Pastor

p.s. don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday night!

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