It's Friday Pull Out The Stops

Halloween falls on a Friday this year. Hmmm... What's that mean? Parents can let their kids eat their candy when they get back from Trick or Treating! That's what I think that means. Can't do that on a school night, now, can you? Here's how to get in front of this one, friends.

Throw a neighborhood party with other families who have trick or treating kids. Make a huge pot of killer chili and have others bring sides and drinks. Host it in your garage, your basement or even your back-yard if it's warm enough. Get kids together to play games, carve pumpkins and take pictures before it gets too dark.

Once it's dark, team up with these families and have the dads walk the kids from house to house while the mom's stay back at home to greet trick or treaters. Dads can enjoy talking while you walk with your kids. See ideas in previous posts - If you're real ambitious you can work your curb-side, fire-ring, hot chocolate strategy at the same time as long as you have enough help at your house.

After everyone is back from the big candy grab, let the trade show begin! Kids love to show off and trade their candy. Parents can play cards or a fun board game while the kids eat themselves into a sugar fix. I'm certain this is the part where I'll catch flak from thousands of engaged readers...but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Kid's I'm pullin for ya!

Parents, enjoy your neighbors as you build a reputation for being one of those cool houses on the block people love to hang around.