Its Time to Clean That Garage Anyway

Ever thought of how to use the space in your garage for some fun Halloween action? Here's a way you can create some space for kids and adults to connect with you.

* If your garage is next to the front of your home it's very easy deck out the space for some fun interaction. Get a hold of some bails of hay for people to sit on. Put some decorations up and have a little fun with lighting!
* Get a couple of simple carnival type games going and make the candy a reward for playing. You can do a bean bag toss or any number of other games that don't take lots of time to play.
* The key is to make it friendly and inviting for kids and adults. Coax adults to come in for a warm drink so you can have chance to meet them.

Yes, this does mean that hubby has to park the cars in the street and clean up the garage a bit. You don't want kids playing with tools or tripping over rakes and shovels. With the weather being so hit and miss this time of the year, it's worth the time to set up things in your garage where people can step in out of the wind and warm up a bit.

Want more ideas? Stay tuned to the blog... next time we'll talk about Trunk-or-Treat and how to throw a great Halloween Party in your neighborhood.

UncategorizedTim Perry