Front Yard Assault

So you don't know a Brazilian Guitarist? Can you still make your front yard a really fun place for kids and adults? Just ask yourself a few questions like these and your plan will emerge:

1- What do kids want when they come to your home? In a word. Candy. But they're also looking for a good time and welcome some creativity in the process. Consider how you can use your front porch or your garage to make the candy grab more fun. Play a simple game like a ring toss or bean bags. Keep it short and simple.

2- What do parents do while kids are retrieving candy? Usually they wait out at the end of the sidewalk. If you want to get to know parents, think about hanging out at the end of your driveway near the side-walk so you can meet people you don’t know and greet those you do.

3- What is Halloween weather typically like? Cold. Those same parents you're talking with would love a hot drink while their kids are on your front porch. Get a couple of thermoses each of hot chocolate and coffee out there with you at the end of your sidewalk.

4- What do I do if I can't be on my front porch and at the end of my sidewalk at the same time? Get help! Team up with people in your neighborhood or someone from your small group who doesn’t live in a kid-popular neighborhood.
Stay tuned for more ideas...