Redeeming Halloween in Your Neighborhood

Last year in our neighborhood we decided we'd try something different for Halloween. Usually we turn off all the lights in our house, hide in the basement and watch TV pretending we're not home! This time we thought we'd get out of the rut and make Halloween a part of our outreach to our neighbors. We made hot chocolate and coffee and stood out at the side walk talking to adults who came by with their kids. Our kids served up the candy while we got to chat and meet new people. And just to push the envelope a little more, we brought our fire-ring around to the front and had a fire going.

The pinnacle of our strategy (which we didn't actually plan) was Leo. Leo was a friend we'd met through the International Ministry. Leo wanted to see what Halloween looks like, so we'd invited him to join us. After finding out that Leo knew how to play the guitar... you can see where this is headed... I gave him my guitar and he joined our front yard Halloween venue providing live music! It was awesome. People stopped, talked for a few minutes and even make comments like "You must not be from around here... this is the coolest house we've stopped at all night."

Watch this blog in the next couple of days as we post practical suggestions for redeeming Halloween in your part of the city.