Through the roof!

Torro Tay! Is the most common expression we hear in Bambara. It's rough translation is "no worries" or "haduna matata" for you Lion King fans.

As you know, some of our team is working on the hot tin roof of the warehouse. We are placing iron trusses across the top of the warehouse and, instead of wood or shingles, the top of the roof is layered with 20x4 ft sheets of metal. This metal is about the thickness of aluminum foil, which is fine except when you have to walk on it. There are strict rules about walking on the roof on boards etc, to be sure nobody falls through to the 15 foot drop to solid concrete below. If there is a serious injury, the closest good emergency room is Paris!

At one moment, David Holt was on the roof in a "Torro-Tay" kind of a moment. He stepped in the wrong place and the metal started to bend, then cracked right through. He quickly turned and grabbed on to the trusses as he was falling suspended above the concrete floor. From the top of the roof, my world went into slow-mo and I surveyed to possibilities to help him. Bottom line, there is no way to get to him fast enough. So I yelled out the only thing I could think of "Hold him Jesus!"

All of this was while he was in mid-fall! Well, after he caught the truss, and fumbled his way down about a foot, he was stuck. With his feet about five feet about the floor, he looked down and asked for clearance. And with the agility of a cat...OK, the agility of a rhino...his 200 plus pound frame came crashing down to the concrete below. He banged up his ankle a bit...not enough to need a doctor, but bad enough that it hurts.

Upon hitting the floor, David was quick to spring up. Malians emerged from every corner of the facility and David was quick to tell them "Torro Tay!"

"No," they responded as they saw the metal sheet dangling from the ceiling. "Not Torro Tay....NOT Torro Tay".

As a matter of fact, rumor has it that the next day his picture appeared in a Far-Side cartoon of the Koutiala World-Herald entitled "Unclear on the concept."