Inspiring Commitment

It's my first time on a CMA mission field. My first time getting to know CMA missionaries. My first time seeing the international work with my own eyes. My impression? I am WOWed by the team here. No joke, these people are all-stars.

If the term 'missionary' conjures up pictures of tired has-been Americans with sweet smiles and bad haircuts you've got the wrong idea about this team. What I have found is highly skilled pepole with outstanding interpersonal skills. I have found people with great language abilities, people who are quite intelligent. Mostly, I have found people who are called by God with dramatic marks of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Doctors, Nurses, Business People, Teachers...seriously professional people who could have six-figure careers, but have decided to move a half a world away to do what God has called them to do. I have never felt better about giving to the Great Commission Fund. Not only is it a great mission, but there are great missionaries carrying the torch.