Last night we heard from missionary midwife Olive Gifford, who has spent her whole ministry career here, since 1979. She told us about a place on the other side of the river called Baako. (Which means "other side of the river".) It is an unusual place that has been isolated even from the progress that has taken place in cities like Koutiala and Bamako.

There are six hundred tribes in this massive triangualar piece of real estate. There is one 'bush clinic' in that place and two churches (defined as having at least ten adults.) The most striking thing, though, is that four hundred of these tribes are considered unreached. You know what counts as 'reached'? If there has been one person, one time, who has gone to a tribe and preached the gospel. Imagine...400 tribes with absolutely no exposure to the gospel, not even one opportunity in their entire lifetime.

It puts things into perspective when in Omaha we can get the message of Jesus in one of six services with four musical styles, and a radio option on Sunday morning. This is not to mention scores of weekly bible studies and classes that will help it all to make sense. And we are just one of hundreds of churches in our city that teaches the gospel! We are truly well-resourced and spiritually rich! May we consider anew how we can share the amazing resources God has given us with those who need it most!