Team Highlights

Here are some great highlights from team members on the events so far:

Glenn Leapley - Glenn is a power player on our team. You may not know him, but he is a metalworker by trade and our biggest need here is welding! What a great thing to have a pro! One day, when we were working, a woman started bleeding bad. She had a rare blood type and the need was urgent. Now, the way things work here is that there is no blood bank. When they need blood, they just ask the family of the person in the hospital. People are reticent to give blood for non-family members. Well, this woman needed it and her family did not match her type. She needed at least two donors and one of the missionaries matched and gave her blood. Guess who else matched? Glenn Leapley...Mr. A- Type blood. His being here might have saved this woman's life. Cool, eh?

Lynne Holt - Lynne got to deliver a baby today. She's a mother of five, so she's not grossed out by that stuff. As soon as the baby came out, she got to clean it, hold it, and do that stuff you do with babies. She loved seeing the miracle of birth and the frontline ministry of the hospital!

Caleb Ashton - In addition to being a painting machine, Caleb hangs out in his off time with the missionary kids. He loves it. One kid is David - age 12 and a half, and his situation is that there are a load of girl missionary kids, but his little brother is the only other boy. What a blast to have another boy to play with! It is a little joy we did not anticipate, but has worked out well.

Sickness - Nobody has any stomach sickness! Thanks to God! Pray that this continues. I have been laid low by an ear-nose-throat thing, but I am not sure if it is allergy or cold. Pray that this annoyance goes away!

Audio Bibles - I should know more tomorrow, but there is no update. Job is still working his magic!