Why we do what we do

On September 28th Christ Community-Sarpy hosted a Car Show. There was a total of 317 that attended worship and/or the Children's Ministry that day. Not a huge increase in worship attendance that Sunday. To be honest, I was hoping there would be. Yes, I do have a tendency to focus on numbers. Pray for me.

However, what happened outside the walls of church humbled me. After counting, yes, counting how many cups we went through and being told that we ran out of food [we had planned for 400] it slowly dawned on me.I realized that on Sunday we had 100 additional people who came to the car show for the afternoon and didn't darken the proverbial "door of a church."

Another thought. We had over 20-25 volunteers helping Vaughan Wenzel run the Car Show. What got me excited is realizing that half of those helping have only been coming the Sarpy Campus since we started in February.

Keep praying for CC-Sarpy and for those who attend, whether they come inside the church or not!

On the Journey,

Steve Walters
Campus Pastor

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