Information Overload

This week I received the following information:

  • Ninety-six percent put peanut butter on first when making a PBJ sandwich.
  • One out of 350,000 Americans get electrocuted at some point in their lives.
  • Approximately one out of every 55 Canadian women give birth in their car on the way to the hospital or clinic.

My first reaction to each statistic.

  • How weird are those 4%?
  • That is a lot of electricity.
  • Is that because of universal health care?

My second reaction is realizing that we receive a lot of useless information and statistics each day. Whether it is from cable news, emails, websites, internet access through your cell phone, we have more information coming to us than we know what to do with.

Allow me to give you some kingdom impact information:

  • 8 children made decisions last Sunday to be a follower of Christ.
  • 52 cars participated in our first ever Car Show and we served 400 attending the show.
  • 1 short term mission team from the Sarpy Campus is going to El Salvador October 12-19.
  • 40% of those attending the Sarpy Campus were not part of Old Mill when we started in February.
  • 60% of the adults attending are involved in a Journey Group.

This is information I can use. I can use it to pray for not only this multi site but also for the planning and preparation for our next multi site in the fall of 2009.

Steve Walters

CCC Sarpy - Campus Pastor

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