Mali Bound

OK, so it has been a long time since I published a blog. I hope to do a few in the next couple of weeks. Why? Because the excitement is pourning on! On Sunday, Oct 5, I will be going to Mali, West Africa with my son, Caleb and seven others from Christ Community. We will be on a construction team building a hospital storage facility and possibly laying some foundations for the big hospital building! It looks to be about 104 degrees in the daytime, so I'll be sweating off some pounds there. Here are some things you can pray for if you are interested.

1) Safety in Travel
2) Team Unity
3) Working across language barriers
4) Opportunities for me to teach in the Church and seminary
5) Effectiveness of the 200 Audio Bibles we will bring
6) Vision for our future partnerships in Mali
7) Great, great relationships with the nationals and missionaries
8) Flexiblity and adaptability.

Our team members are: Mark, Caleb, Nick, Shantel, David, Lynne, Jacob, Glen and our faithful shepherd Steve.

Look for more updates here from me and my comrades!