What I am Learning about Happiness

I know that it is two months since my last posting. I guess time flies when you are having fun.

With CC-Sarpy, believe me, I am having fun seeing God work and use many people to further His kingdom. In September we have seen record numbers in children ministries and near record in worship attendance. Currently we have 14 Journey Groups meeting, which translates to about 75% of the adults attending are involved in a small group. We have also seen growth in attendance in our Sixers, Junior High and Senior High groups.

Yes, I'm happy and amazed at what God is doing in AND through the people attending the Sarpy Campus.

I believe it is vital that we take time to think and come across different ideas and thoughts. With the rush of life, it is easy to be myopic. For me, talking with people out of my circle of influence or even just reading an brief article, blog or chapter in a book can help me think more clearly or come up with a solution to a problem.

Just this week I came across an interesting phrase in an email from a men's ministry. The author, Pat Morley stated, "Happiness is the residue of Holiness."

That caused me to pause and think. Is my happiness based on an increase of numbers and visitors or is my happiness coming from living a holy life? I have to admit, I do have a bigger spring in my step and smile on my face when leaving the Sarpy campus when our numbers are up.

The reality is, I need to have that same spring in my step and smile on my face based soly because my walk with God is close and I am trusting in God. That goes when the numbers are down or distracting problems from the day.

How about you? Is your happiness coming from Holy living?

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