What about the starving?

A great question came through the web site about the message on Sunday. In essence, he asked "I know that there are some Christians who are starving. How do you reconcile this fact with what Jesus says in Matthew 6 about not worrying about what you will eat or wear because we can trust God to provide?"

The very same question bothered me when reading this passage and here are some thoughts.

First, life always ends. It ends for the birds and it ends for the grass. It ends for humans as well. God's plan is not that everyone will be healthy, alive...or even well fed...forever. There is always a physical reason that our bodies fail (sometimes even starvation) and we get the great blessing of passing into the presence of God. Even when life ends here on earth...it is still good news for the beleiver.

Second, Jesus exhortation is not to worry. Worrying does not do any good. Even if you were going to die, worrying would not help. Scientists say that worrying actually shortens life, it never lengthens it. We need to trust God's power to provide for us OR to take us home. God knows what we need and provides what he knows is best from his angle of sovereignty, not necessarily according to our wants...or even needs.

Third, God invites us to be a part of the solution. I do think that he is hearing the cries of starving people around the world and he is calling us to join him in solving the problem. This is why we have sent hundreds of thousands of meals to Mali. This is why we have joined in the China earthquake relief. This is why we sprang into action when Hurricane Katrina hit. God hears the cries of the hurting and calls those with resources to action.