China Report- Kind of...

OK, so I promised to update you from China about earthquake releif, orphans and any strategic partnerships that emerge - as well as any fun/touristy kinds of things in China!

The only problem is that I am at home in Omaha. My visa, along with Ian's, got 'postponed' three times by the Chinese embassy until it was no longer plausible to go. Pretty disappointing. Roger Atwood (elder) has still gone with George (UNMC dotor) and Don (releif specialist). Please pray for them this week! Only the 'pastors' got rejected. I guess were pretty suspicious. :)

I have two reflections on this. First is that China still seems to be a nation in transition. The recent Chicago Trib article shows that there are pockets of great openness to spiritual progress, while our visa story demonstrates that there are still some people who treat Christian pastors with suspicion. This seems to be true all over China, with great freedoms in some areas and great persecution in others. It will be very interesting to see how the next 50 years plays out.

Second, I am really glad that I believe in the idea of a sovereign God who runs the universe. He is truly in control. So, if the doors close on this trip, I am sure he has better plans. I feel like I got a ton of stuff done this week, since it was cleared out for the trip. But beyond that, God knows how every thread of the universe is woven together, so we simple trust him for the best!