Percolating in the Brain

Last month we were asked to evaluate our lives with three questions

1. In terms of eternity, how important is this?
2. Am I living my life with my bags packed?
3. Do I have an alien/sojourner mindset?

I promised in a previous blog entry to keep you up to date on how those questions were "percolating in my brain." I like using the word percolate. It triggers mind pictures of my grandparents percolating their coffee and the smell of coffee.

Webster defines percolate as: "to filter hot water through to extract the essence." What I also like about percolating is that the longer the water runs through the coffee, the stronger and richer the flavor. It is my goal in life to make time where verses from the Bible, or questions/thoughts/ insights from people smarter than me can percolate in my brain.

My life is richer because of those three questions.

1. I like to think I don't get as easily upset over something that doesn't happen like I want.
2. We are having a garage sale - does that count? You know, trying to eliminate clutter.
3. "Just passing through." That is what comes to mind when I look at question #3. I guess I'm noticing more people in the obituary page who are dying younger than me.

Dr. Jerry Root spoke via video last week at the Sarpy Campus. He challenged us to "notice God" and want "a large portion of God." He said that if there was only one star in the heavens, that enough should cause us to be in wonder and awe for God.

I'm realizing that if I notice God more, then maybe I can have the sojourner mindset.

God, help me to notice you more each day. In traffic, at the grocery store, paying bills, or taking time to watch shadows from a tree move across the patio.