Eternal Beatitudes

This week I realized that our recent sermon series on "Five Minutes After" and our current sermon series on the "Sermon on the Mount" have a lot in common.

The questions that we were asked during a sermon on eternity were:
1. In terms of eternity, how important is this?
2. Am I living my life with my bags packed?
3. Do I have an alien/sojourner mindset?

Last week , a 42 year old friend of mine was found dead. As a result question two has been percolating in my brain. Then, it is not coincidence that the beatitude I have been memorizing this week is "blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."

It is during times like this I take time to ask myself two questions. God what are you trying to teach me about yourself? AND God what are you wanting to teach me about myself?

So far? So far I'm realizing that not only do I need to view life with an eternal perspective, I also need to realize that the beatitudes are eternal beatitudes. Beatitudes that not only apply for the future, but also for today. I take comfort in that.