Mount Challenge and National Day of Prayer

Well, I started last night. The Sermon on the Mount challenge is happening in my house! I loved reading through the 'first section' of the sermon (the beatitudes) to each of my kids before bed last night. Each of them had a thought provoking question, because Jesus words are so challenging. One said "Dad, how can I be blessed if I am persecuted? Like, if other kids are making fun of me and not including me, I never feel good." Great insight! And it led to thoughtful discussion.

I hope your personal time with the sermon on the mount is similarly challenging. Jesus won't let you off-the-hook easy in this section. Every time I read it, I find that my life is out of whack with some sections of Jesus teaching. God messes with me and realigns me to be more like Jesus each time. You've gotta let the Bible mess with you! So read the pages of the scripture (Matthew 5, 6 and 7) one short section at a time... and memorize two beatitudes per week (Matthew 5:3-10). Watch your life transform before your very eyes!

You know, this is also a week that we are reminded of the power of prayer. Thursday, May 1 is the National Day of Prayer. People all over the nation who believe in Christ will be gather in their cities to pray for unity, strength and blessing. Omaha is no exception. Our church will be joining the city-wide effort to pray over our city and our nation. Hundreds of people will gather together to intercede on behalf of our city. It is perhaps the single greatest unifying Christian event in Omaha of the year. I am going for sure. Would you join me there?

Prayer is perhaps the greatest untapped force among American Christians today. We often underestimate the power of God unleashed through prayer. We have access any time we want to the throne room of the God of the Universe. Why would we ever ignore that? So, let's be people of prayer - on our own, in our families, in our groups and this week, with the whole city together.

Thursday night at 7:00 Sharp at Salem Baptist Church (one of our dearly loved partners in Omaha!) - At the corner of 31st and Lake in North Omaha. Take I-80 to 75N. Exit at Lake Street and go left. In three blocks, you'll see Salem on the left. See you there!


Our spirituality and our fruitfulness are always in proportion to the reality of our prayers.The Kneeling Christian

There is a holy audacity in Christian life and faith which is not inconsistent with the profoundest humility.
A. B. Simpson, C&MA; Founder

"Not a whisper of prayer is ever lost, the longer it waits, the larger it becomes." -- A. B. Simpson, Days of Heaven on Earth