Asking the Questions

This past week, we had Ken Dick [an elder at Christ Community] teach "in person" at the Sarpy Campus. Yes, "in person" is the correct description.

I will digress.

Too many times people say that a person will be "live" in concert or "live" preaching. I ask you, isn't that obvious? The person will be live just because they are standing there talking or singing. we transition into becoming a multi-site church, we need to make sure that we adopt the language of multi-sites. That we have people on the platform teaching, singing, etc that are "in person" not "live."

There I feel better.

Ken asked us three powerful questions to ask yourself this at the end of his "in person" sermon on eternity.
1. In terms of eternity, how important is this?
2. Am I living my life with my bags packed?
3. Do I have an alien/sojourner mindset?

My application from those questions?
I used #1 when a driver wanted to cut in front of me because of merging traffic. Yes, I let him in.
#2 is causing me to evaluate how much stuff I have and that I don't really need as many shirts and sweatshirts as I have. #3, I have to confess, I don't. I'm trying to figure what that looks like. I like to plan and dream, but I believe I have to do that with a transitory, "just passing through" mentality. Big issue for me? I can believe and think that way, but reality is I don't.

Stay posted as those three questions percolate in my heart and brain.