I'm Smiling

Go figure. The Sunday with key volunteers sick, more tech stuff to do than normal, service adjustments made on the fly, and I felt the least "prepared" to be campus pastor, we had more people attending the Sarpy Campus than ever before this past Sunday.

Over the past few months, I have discovered that I am a "short term pessimist and a long term optimist." That means I try to do to much on my own and think that if I have enough time we can do a good job.

This journey with the Sarpy multi-site has stretched and humbled me more than in the shortest period of time in my 26 years of being a pastor. Yet, I wouldn't trade this for anything. I love working with such joyful volunteers and people who are passionate for reaching friends, neighbors and anybody else with God's love.

I had an article given to me that listed books I should be reading. Sadly, I have similar lists of books a good pastor should read. Or in a weak moment I bought the book listed. Those books are sitting on a shelf in my office. They are books that I call, "Books I will read on vacation or when I am laid up with an injury but not sick." In the article I came across a summary paragraph of a book entitled "Direct Hit" by Paul Borden. There was a sentence that I fell in love with. "Healthy congregations are defined by sacrifice. They exist more for those who are currently not part of the group than for those who comprise the current congregation."

I realized that the sentence described our Sarpy Campus. After reading that sentence, I can't help but smile. Knowing we have a wonderful volunteer team and that I won't read Paul's book.

Steve Walters