Getting Past Fear - Way to Go Carrie!

I am soooo thrilled when I see people learning what Carrie writes about below! Check it out if you haven't read it yet! She's discovering the power and joy of being a RISKS kind of disciple. Disciples "Initiate interest in the Gospel." Plain and simple. If inexperience and fears stand in the way, training and encouragement is a great way forward into risk-taking growth. Carrie is a Christ Community attender who I get to chat with just about every week. I've watched how she's exposed herself to solid training, faced her fears about evangelism and discovered that speaking to others about Jesus is a perfectly healthy experience that builds with time.

Keep an eye on the Spiritual Discovery page to find out what's going on evangelism - especially training opportunities that are offered at CCC Old Mill. If you've got a great story of what you're learning or what you see God doing to reach others, send me an e-mail. We'd love hear what's happening and get the word out!

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