Jumping Jacks

My heart was just about to leap out of my chest at 8:55 this morning. I was standing at the middle of the 'cafeteria' at Lewis and Clark Middle School in Sarpy county. The room had been utterly transformed. The white floors were carpeted, brown drapes hung around the formerly sterile brick walls. The stage came out in four foot stair steps out into the room. Band equipment decorated the stage, a monster video screen was in the front of the room. Round tables with 200 purple chairs were all around the 27 tables, tastefully decorated with tan table cloths, and beautiful vases.

But the real buzz in the room was the people. People who were lost. People who were saved. People who were broken and people who had been redeemed. When I saw the people, my soul began to do jumping jacks.

For 18 months, we have prayed, planned, given, hired, trained, built teams and designed stuff. Now, the day was finally here. Sarpy was open.

Dozens of people from the community poured in...then more and more. After the music began, more people trickled into the back. The worship was well led and people engaged. Conversations around tables were lively as people met new friends for the first time.

Watching the people, I could not help but feel like we, as a church, had given birth. Not to a scrawny, underdeveloped four pounder, but to a strapping ten pound baby boy. Before the morning was done, 353 people attended the services. Not bad for a bad-weather, cold-and-flu, holiday weekend.

CCC Sarpy is born, thanks to Steve Walters, 4 other staff, 4 elders, tons of volunteers, lots of service, not a little money, and a bunch of love. But most important, thanks to God for bringing this vision to life! With the birth of Sarpy, the DNA of CCC changes a little bit. Our hearts grow as we reach and stretch. Our capacity for reaching people moves to the next level.

We now have seven services meeting in four venues and two locations on a Sunday morning. And with the 'multisite mentality', there is no limit to the impact that God can have through us in Omaha and beyond!

In the next three months, be sure to visit Lewis and Clark Middle School at least once...see what God is doing...see if your soul does jumping jacks too...