Pluralism is a Lame Magnet - Comments from Jim

I find the analogy of pluralism to a magnet to be confusing and potentially harmful: in making pluralism the focus... and since the answer to "Does the pull of pluralism really work on Christianity?" is "No." ... it casts Christianity as lacking some element.

The analogy is also confusing because it compares something true to something false. Magnets attract iron. All religions don't lead to the same destination, and sincerity is not all that is required, as are the claims of pluralism. Magnets ARE attractive; pluralism only "sounds" attractive to the unknowledgeable or to the deceived.

The question, "Does the pull of pluralism really work on Christianity?", is absurd, given that the pull of pluralism is a lie.

"Can you be a Christian and a pluralist at the same time?" Unqualified, perhaps surprisingly, the answer has to be "Yes," especially if Christianity and pluralism are equated only as personal identities, or philosophies, ideas, thought constructs or concepts. ...

It is possible, after, through belief, having been created (re-born) as a Christian, to also have other, even contradictory, beliefs as well. One can still be a Christian dispite his or her thoughts about particular topics or issues. Since we are born again from sin as infants (inexperienced, naive), it is more likely that we will also have contradictory beliefs earlier in our Christian life. The more we come to learn, know, and understand the Word of God, and the triune God Himself, the less contradictory beliefs we will hold, so it will be less true for a more mature Christian to be a pluralist. It makes sense to be asking questions about pluralism in a seekers group.

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