Pluralism: The Great 21st Century Religion-Magnet

My six year old son collects coins. Coins from all over the world. He also collects magnets. One day his coin collection met up with his magnet collection.

"Dad, how come some of these coins stick to my magnets and others don't?"

You know what happens next... my innocent six year old gets an instructional session on ferro-magnetism.

"Son, the metal in a magnet is called a loadstone - a special kind of iron that is naturally magnetic. Only coins that have iron in them can stick to magnets. Copper, nickle, aluminum - zippo attraction. But if an object has any iron in it, magnets will grab it up." ...

"Cool, dad."

Religious Pluralism is a little like that. The claim that "All religions lead to God" or that "All religions accomplish basically the same thing" sounds really attractive, doesn't it? IF all religions did lead to the same destination... and IF all that was essentially required was sincerity, what a terrific world we'd inhabit! No tension over religion, no fighting and arguing, no need to rush off to worlds of people who've never heard of Jesus. But does the pull of pluralism really work on Christianity? Can you be a Christian and a pluralist at the same time?

I do coffee each week with a small group of people. We discuss questions like this. It's called a seeker group. We just started a 4 week series entitled "Don't all Religions Lead to God?" Each week we look at a different aspect of the issue. We're interested in the impact pluralism has on Christianity and other world religions. It's kind of like picking up different coins and seeing what happens when we pass the magnet over them. I'll keep you posted on some of what we find out. Send me an e-mail if you're intrigued with the idea of a seeker group... or if you have some thoughts on religious pluralism.

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