How "others" can help

I know. Some of you might want to help at the Sarpy Campus, but for various reasons, don't want to commit to a 12 month stay. I would like to encourage you, your Journey Group or even a New Community Group to think about coming to the Sarpy Campus and helping out for a month. Great you say. Nice idea. Question: what do I do? What can a individual or group do for four weeks?

Well, I asked our Sarpy launch team that question. Here are the Top Ten ways you can help.

  1. Be an extra hand in Children's Ministry. We want greeters armed with stickers to meet the children and parents and welcome them to the church.
  2. We need help in providing food for Sunday morning. Our facilities are very conducive to allow people to get some coffee and something to munch on before, between or after the services.
  3. There will be need to help in doing our mailings to the neighborhoods.
  4. We are wanting to adopt and embrace the teachers of Lewis and Clark Middle School. We could use your help with treats, supplies, and food for the teachers throughout the year.
  5. I will offer that if they need some landscaping or planting around the school. We'll need help buying and planting the items.
  6. Help with tear down, resetting of the class rooms and clean up after the services. We want to leave the school cleaner than when we came that morning.
  7. Eventually we will be doing neighborhood carnivals and BBQ's. Think you could supervise an inflatable or flip some burgers? We could use you!
  8. We will have a portable library. Maybe your group could help with books or helping with check out of material.
  9. There will always be a need for greeters at the doors, parking lot attendents, guides to take visitors to the children's ministry area.
  10. Help equip children's ministry rooms. Regularly we will need additional equipment and supplies, maybe you could help?

Thank you for your interest. If you have further questions or want to sign up to help, be sure to email me at: I'll be sure to get you in contact with the right person.

I thank you in advance for your help in allowing CC-Sarpy impact the world with the love of Jesus.

On the Journey,

Steve Walters

CC-Campus Pastor


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